Money Tree: How To Grow Your Own Financial Success

Money Tree: How To Grow Your Own Financial Success

How Can I Buy a Car With Bad Credit?

by Dora Carr

Trying to get a car on finance with bad credit can seem impossible. There are some companies that do offer some bad credit car finance and they are worth checking, but it could be worth taking the time to improve your credit rating. Here are four tips to help you improve your rating to improve your chance of getting a car loan.

Check Your Credit File

Don't apply for any finance at all before you check your credit file. Make sure that every element on your file is correct. If there are debts that don't belong to you or marks that companies have added incorrectly, you can apply to have them removed. You will need proof and contact the individual companies that have put the marks on your file.

Cancel Your Credit Cards

Any credit cards that you don't use need to be cancelled right now. This shows that you have available funds that you're not using, and it puts you at a higher risk of identity fraud. The same applies to any dormant bank accounts.

Get Your Credit Cards to 30% of the Total Allowance

Start paying off your credit cards one at a time. Get the debts to 30% of the total amount available on the card as quickly as possible. Once one is at 30%, you can move onto the next to get that to 30% before completely clearing them. This amount is realistic to reach and shows that you are responsible with your credit.

Once you've done that, clear the full balances right away. It's also worth reducing your available amount on the credit cards. Doing this will reduce the amount you can get in debt by, so you look like a more responsible lender.

Get in Touch With Creditors

Don't ignore your debts. When you have a bad rating, county court judgments and decrees will only make it worse. Avoid letting your creditors go to court for your unpaid bills. As soon as you realize you have them, get in touch and arrange a payment plan. Work with them and be open about your financial situation. They will work with you if you are honest and open, and it can prevent marks put on your credit file.

Improving your credit rating is the best option for getting bad credit car finance. It won't be easy or happen overnight, but it will help you reduce your interest rates and increase the chance of being approved for a loan.


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